First TWR offices on Bonaire. #MTC
09.25.14 /12:43
~   Steve Harrison, copywriter, on selecting someone to read a draft
Blast from my professional past, shuffling through digital files this morning: Richard Feynman standing on a beach, staring at the sea. (Bonus points for getting The Cure reference.) x
07.24.14 /11:18
~   Brian Phillips, for Grantland
"Prepare to Meet God." Somewhere between Knoxville and Asheville, March 2010.
07.08.14 /12:24
Trip Reminder List © 1954 Skyway Luggage Company
"MISC.—Writing paper, envelopes, plain pins, safety pins, needle, thread, scissors, shoe bags, clothes brush, shoe brush, cloth shoe polisher, travel clock, umbrella, rubbers, letters of introduction."
06.26.14 /15:04
~   Tracy Kidder
"Perception requires participation." Debatable but largely true.
06.24.14 /08:26
Poesieplaatjes — never used and very possibly purchased at Boekhandel LOS in the mid-80s. (Oh the remnants you find when sorting through saved papers.)
06.19.14 /11:30
~   Vance Packard, The Naked Society
~   Ross Feld
Placebo. (c) Miranda Trimmier, equal parts inventive and generous and good.
05.23.14 /10:06
~   Tony Brignull, copywriter
The epilogue to @joshuawolfshenk’s Powers of Two is so, so worthwhile.
05.16.14 /08:53
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