04.23.14 /10:00
Scraps from a research dead-end: I asked my parents about the psychologist who led the cross-cultural missions training at “Bibletown” in Boca Raton, Florida, in 1978, and my father remembered a name — Bob Velk — and not much more. Google pulled up a Bob Velk who wrote the book from which I pulled this page. I suspect it’s not the same man, but if I’m wrong, I’m intrigued. #MTC
04.10.14 /20:19
~   Edmund De Waal, again in the FT
03.27.14 /12:09
~   Rowan Williams on Eric Gill on Jacques Maritain
Fun with turtlenecks. Karen Hustad, South Minneapolis, circa 1977.
03.14.14 /08:49
~   John Banville, in the Financial Times
This is Clara Hustad, or perhaps her sister Lillie. (Opinions differ and no one still breathing can settle the question. So perhaps for our purposes it doesn’t matter. Perhaps it’s both. This is a picture of Clara and Lillie? Maybe.) #MTC #CuteNorwegianFarmGirlsfromWisconsin
03.03.14 /10:33
"Like a unicorn w/out the sticker."
Notepad thoughts slipped into a Bigso box, rediscovered much later but unaccompanied by clues as to why they were preserved. (The sticker business, though — once and former eight-year-old girls might understand.)
02.25.14 /08:51
02.21.14 /20:12
~   Jane Hirshfield
02.20.14 /13:00
~   Martin Luther King, Jr. The whole incredible speech—his last—can be read here.
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